Dual; Angel + Devil


50 x 70 cm (x2 Parts)

Acrylic on Canvas

While societies often draw two distinct categories of ‘modest’ and ‘promiscuous’, this two part set embraces both - Angel and Devil ; Good and Bad.

The duality in each of us distinguishes us and encourages an authentic development of character. Highly textured and worked backgrounds are an allegory for the journey it takes to find balance in identity. Femxles are scaled small in composition to overwhelm the subject, barely able to avoid being swallowed by a real struggle for power, a fight for attention of the viewer. 'Get through the noise to come out on top. The intentional hues of green ground desire in earthly context, contrasting societal perceptions of morality and modesty. These superficially built constructs of entrapment aren’t real yet our heavenly bodies are - we are real and we are here

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