Frequently Asked Questions

We stock a varied and fascinating collection of artwork for you to enjoy, but realize that questions may come up at points during your browsing and purchasing experience. To make life easier for our clients, we’ve compiled a selection of commonly asked questions. We want to ensure your browsing experience is easy and help facilitate your connection with fantastic art.

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1. How much will shipping cost?

  • Shipping varies depending on the weight of your order. If you’d like a more precise estimate on shipping an original painting please email us at


2. When can I expect my order to arrive?

  • Once an original painting has been shipped, it will arrive in 2-4 business days from Mexico City, Mexico through DHL.

  • If you’ve ordered a print and/or phone case, it takes 2-4 business days to produce and an additional 3-7 business days to arrive once it’s been shipped.

  • If you’ve ordered multiple items, the processing updates for each item will be sent individually to your email.


3. What is your return policy?

  • Darby Leondra designs are one-of-a-kind, inspired by personal experience, and therefore unavailable for any returns after purchase. 

  • If your product is not what you ordered or arrived damaged, please email us directly at with “WRONG ORDER” or “DAMAGED” in the subject. Include your full name, the best way to contact you, the name of the item you ordered, and any details about the condition of the item on arrival. Attach screenshots or pictures if you have them. Any concerns are addressed within 24 hours.

4. I’m not sure which art piece I should invest in for my space

  • All Darby Leondra artwork is created as a result of, or elicits self expression. Her work is intended not just to add color to any space, but more importantly act as conduit for connection that helps you build a safe space to revel in your individuality! If you’re having trouble deciding, especially since there is a wide variety of colors and layers in every piece, we recommend by first choosing a collection that most closely aligns with the reason you’re investing (see below for suggestions). 

    • The balance of light and dark in your own personal experiences cumulatively showcases your life as especially beautiful art. The collection Layers gives you an opportunity to capture this process of balance through vivid color and representative layers/textures.

    • Accentuate your individuality and positive self worth, interrupt unrealistic beauty standards, and emphasize the importance of body liberation with artwork from our Digital Illustrations collection.

    • Be true to yourself in the face of disparity, societal ideals, and cultural contexts. Creations in the Context; Individuality collection encourages you to question and unlearn, break from “should’s”, and define your own self.

    • Address how expectation and perception both influence and diminish identity. The collection Expectation, Perception, Identity alludes to the disconnect between patriarchal expectations and female form, emphasizing the true power of women.

    • Protest political administration and policies.

    • Invest in demonstrations of technical skills and influential beginnings with Wild.

  • After you’ve chosen a collection (or two) to look through first, close your eyes and breath for a few moments. Think about what you want to bring home with you like a feeling, memory, or statement. When you're ready, open your eyes and scroll through the gallery. Notice what you notice - Where are your eyes drawn to? What colors stand out? Are there lines that draw you in? Is there a piece that calls on your curiosity? Do you notice any small physical responses in yourself to the piece? Warmth? Wonder? Empowerment. What draws you to feel more empowered, creative, inspired, expressed, authentic?

  • The unique detail of each piece is photographed and documented professionally to ensure the whole work is aptly represented for all indoor environments. If you have questions about color or lighting of a particular work we’d be happy to help! Email us at

  • If you’re still unable to find what you’re looking for, see how to commission artwork specific to your needs below!


5. I’m interested in commissioning a design from Darby Leondra.

  • To submit a request please fill out the information on our Contact page or email us directly at with “COMMISSION” as the subject and include your full name, the best way to contact you and any details of your commission (size, color, or subject preferences, timeline and/or budget if you have one, etc.). 

  • You'll receive a response 24-48 hours after you submit an initial inquiry. Once details are confirmed, a 20% deposit is required and the remaining balance will be paid in full after the commission is completed but before it is shipped.


Darby Leondra maintains full artistic and creative ownership of all Darby Leondra designs



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