100 cm x 100 cm
acrylic on canvas

Bubble is 1 of 2 inspired artworks created to explore how cool and warm colors create context and influence emotion. To encourage the challenge, both large works were completed together under a self-inflicted ten hour time limit that forced prioritization and intentional thought on layering and brush strokes. Bubble and Pop exist as contradictions to traditional associations of emotion and color.


Hues of cool purple and blue combine in Bubble to create a sense of comfort and relaxation instead of coldness. Cheery marks juxtapose an underlying layer of black expressing depth. Bubbles can bring up only so much treasure from the bottom of a seemingly endless pool. What do you treasure? How deep are you willing to dive?

Bubble earned the Bright Spirits Finalist Award in May 2020 for addressing emotional health and positivity during a precarious global crisis.

Interested in watching the artist work? Watch the creation of Bubble and Pop here!

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