“Art is not a thing, it is a way” - Elbert Hubbard

Painting Live at Somosola Event 2020
Diurnal Triptych 2020
Blues 2020
Denin X Darby Shoot 2020
Barbie's Revenge 2019

About Darby

Darby Leondra is an abstract feminist painter from Virginia originally. Currently based in Mexico City, Darby works to accentuate the forging of individuality and strength through her art, using unexpected color and layers of varying textures as a metaphor for unique experiences and traumas. This creates a striking result of elegant complexity that accentuates the power of our most authentic selves, translating beautifully expressed experiences. Both personal and observant, the are is a reflection of all that goes into embracing individuality. 


Darby Leondra began her art training at the early age of 8 in southern Virginia. Now, with more than 10 years’ worth of formal art education and professional experiences, she has dedicated her young life to pursuing the poetic process of creation and expression. 


Like an itch she has to scratch, Darby explores and expresses perspective and identity in many contexts. Darby uses her art as a tool to communicate this unusual blend of interests, providing a perspective that combines creativity and problem solving with research and action all in the defense of individuality. After graduating early from Allegheny College with a Bachelor of Science in Global Health and a minor in Studio Art, Darby has taken her work international. She is currently based in Mexico City, Mexico, involved in the art community, building her knowledge of art history, and collaborating with diverse creatives.

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